Dyson 900252-04 Clutch Assembly

Dyson 900252-04 Clutch Assembly

  • Dyson Clutch Assembly
  • Genuine Dyson Component
  • Fits All DC07, DC14 & DC33
  • Part# 900252-04

This is a new original Dyson clutch assembly part# 900252-04. 

This genuine component is used on all DC07, DC14 and DC33 Dyson upright vacuum cleaners.  The Dyson clutch assembly is responsible for engaging the brushroll (also called a brushbar) for deep cleaning carpets and rugs.  Excessive wear can occur to the clutch assembly's belts when vacuuming thicker flooring, hair or improper brushroll maintenance.  For best performance replace your Dyson clutch once every 5 years or whenever the brushroll performance has been effected by normal wear.  

Remember to always keep the brushroll free of hair and other debris to prolong the life of your new clutch assembly.  

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