Riccar R10S Supralite Standard

Riccar R10S Supralite Standard

  • 9 Pounds
  • 4 Year Warranty                                       
  • Self Sealing Bag Collar
  • 40 Foot Cord
  • Ergonomic Handle
  • Soft Rubber Wheels
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 2 Speed Motor
  • High Airflow Direct Motor
  • Chevron Style Brushroll
  • HEPA Allergen Disposable Bag

The Riccar R10S Supralite Standard offers the best value, performance and reliability to anyone looking for a powerful lightweight vacuum.  The R10S is so easy to use.  It offers better performance in a simpler design unlike other comparably priced brands that load their vacuums with feature after useless feature that fail to work.

The Riccar R10S is really a joy to use with a powerful 2-speed direct air motor that performs great on all types of flooring.  It's 40 foot cord allows you to reach all the corners in your room without having to unplug.  So you can make quick work of your cleaning, but know your floor is truly clean.  While you vacuum you'll notice how nice the Riccar R10S Standard is to use because it only weighs 9 pounds.  It even has a slimmer design that makes it perfect for getting in, around and between the legs of chairs and tables.  An ergonomic coated handle puts your wrist in a natural position with a convenient 2 speed switch that allows you to transition from carpets to floors.  You'll even love the way the no-mess, self sealing HEPA allergen bag is easy to change and eliminates the plume of dust that bellows out of other bagged vacuums or bagless brands that require you to dump the dirt.

We back the Riccar R10S Standard with our 30 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee along with additional discounts and services available with our Customer Loyalty Program.

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