Riccar R30D Brilliance Deluxe

Riccar R30D Brilliance Deluxe

  • 6 year warranty
  • engineered, designed and assembled in the U.S.
  • sealed system
  • HEPA filtration
  • lifetime belt
  • 17 foot hose
The Riccar R30D Brilliance Deluxe is a much better value over vacuums costing twice as much that are sold door to door or comparable upright vacuum cleaners made in Europe.  The R30D features a better comprehensive warranty, better deep cleaning power, more versatility and easier use.  

The Riccar R30D  Brilliance Deluxe utilizes the latest motor technology in the form of a tandem design.  This allows its users the ability to get the very best performance on both bare floors as well as offering superior deep cleaning on most carpets. The R30D Brilliance achieves this by operating both a direct air motor combined with a by-pass motor design to increase the vacuum's performance on carpet.  While only utilizing the by-pass motor for attachment use to minimize potential damage to drapes, blinds or upholstery caused by excessive suction normally needed for a by-pass motor to clean well.  You'll also be  impressed with the way the steel commercial grade brushroll with longer bristles lift and grooms the nap of your carpet.

The Riccar R30D  is a multi-surface vacuum capable of transitioning from carpets, wood, laminates and tile with just a touch of a button.  You can feel confidant knowing the R30D uses 6 soft rubber wheels on the nozzle to insure the vacuum glides smoothly over hardwoods and other delicate surfaces.  Riccar has even added additional height adjustment settings for thicker carpets and rugs to enable deep down cleaning without sacrificing cleaning performance.  Clean freaks everywhere will love vacuum's 17 foot on-board hose, integrated tools along with a 40 foot power cord insuring dust bunnies have no place safe to hide.

The Riccar R30D Brilliance Deluxe  is not only a great cleaning vacuum cleaner, but a well built one.  Made in a small town in Missouri, these American made uprights have been sold in our store for over 30 years.  The R30D is backed by a 6 year comprehensive warranty plus a lifetime belt warranty that is unmatched by any other leading vacuum brand on the market.  You'll even receive two completely free services including the cost of filters to insure your vacuum continues to run the same as it was new, years from now.  

You can feel confidant with your purchase knowing we'll back it with our 30 Day satisfaction guarantee.  


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