Riccar R20UP Vibrance Ultra Premium

Riccar R20UP Vibrance Ultra Premium

There is no need to spend more than you need if you are looking for quality, dependability and performance.  The Riccar R20UP Vibrance Ultra Premium is the perfect option for homeowners who are looking for more power and better filtration out of a vacuum cleaner.  You'll love the way this large, powerful two stage motor makes quick work of pet hair, sand and dirt.   Try it for yourself and see why the Riccar R20UP is our pick over comparably priced vacuums. The Riccar R20UP Vibrance Ultra Premium is the latest generation of clean air upright vacuums produced by Riccar.  The R20UP builds on the long history of superior cleaning power established by the Riccar 8955 and 8925's performance by utilizing a twin fan motor design that offers superior airflow and motor life found exclusively on the Vibrance Ultra Premium.

The Riccar R20UP is designed to provide years of use by utilizing a steel commercial grade motor, steel commercial grade brushroll, improved brush design, metal telescopic wand along with a lifetime belt made from kevlar.  This powerhouse will make quick work of pet hair, sand, dirt and debris.  It does this with little effort simply by offering real features necessary to get the job done by combining superior carpet grooming, agitation, suction and airflow.

The R20UP  is a multi-surface vacuum capable of transitioning from carpets, wood, laminates and tile.  The self adjusting free floating head delivers the proper cleaning height for most surfaces.  While the 12 foot on-board hose gives you plenty of reach.  Plus there is even an optional bare floor cleaning kit that allows the Riccar R20UP Ultra Premium to be used like a canister on bare floors for superior brush/ floor cleaning. 

The Riccar R20UP is a great investment for anyone looking for a powerful, dependable upright vacuum cleaner.  The R20UP Ultra Premium is built to last and offers a 6 year comprehensive warranty, 2 free tune-ups, lifetime belt, thermal motor protection and  HALL brushroll protection.  Theses features along with the better construction will provide you years of service.  In fact many of our customers have kept previous Vibrance units for up to 12 to 15 years.   

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