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Open Monday- Friday 10am-5pm
Call or Text: 407-843-8343
2804 Edgewater Dr. 32804
Open Monday- Friday 10am-5pm
Call or Text: 407-843-8343
2804 Edgewater Dr. 32804

COVID-19 Hours & Store Updates

***COVID-19 Update January 2021***

 Happy New Year!

Store Hours: 10am-5pm
OPEN: Monday- Friday
CLOSED: Saturday & Sunday

We want to help each of you in the safest most efficient way possible.  We want you and every other person that wishes to do business with us to be served in a manner that is safe and respectful while maintaining guidelines that are still in place by the CDC.  

Please stay home if you are ill or have come in contact with someone who has COVID-19 or showing any symptoms related to the COVID-19 virus. 

 When You Visit 

Please wear a mask when entering our store. This is not political.  We are a family run business and any unplanned shut down would be detrimental to our ability to maintain our business operations. 

Curbside service is available for those customers who wish to stay in their vehicle and wish to have limited contact. Simply pull into one of our designated parking spots, call or text us and will be out to assist you.

Please create a little space.  We believe everyone understands that we need to maintain a safe distance from strangers during these times.  We do not have arrows or designated places to stand so please just use a little common sense.  If we are busy please be patient.  If you feel more comfortable waiting outside in the fresh air we'll come out and get you when it's your turn.  

In-Store Purchases

We want you to make the right purchase.  We will be happy to answer all your questions so take all the time you need.  Please be aware that we will open our doors from time to time to allow for some fresh air.  

 Vacuum Repairs 

We are accepting vacuums for repair at this time.  We will have your vacuum a minimum of three days or in some cases longer.  Because of the nationwide rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine we have been experiencing some delays in receiving shipments in a timely manner.  All vacuums bought in department stores are made overseas and many are still experiencing inventory shortages.  We will be able to assess your problem and provide you with a more accurate timeline once we see your vacuum.


***COVID-19 Update 10/1/20***

 We are open for business Monday through Thursday from 10am-4pm. We are asking that everyone wear a mask.  If we get a little crowded we may ask that you wait till a few people leave.  We still want to maintain our distance. 

If you are shopping for a vacuum expect us to open the doors if you are in the store for awhile.  That way we can get a little fresh air for all of us.  We'll bump the A/C down to keep you as comfortable as we can while we show you a few new vacuums.

We are still offering curbside for customers who wish to shop with us without entering our store.

Thank you so much for your continued support.

John Stutchman


***COVID-19 Update 4/30/20***

I want to first thank everyone for continuing to support us and the way we have been conducting business.

I'm aware Governor DeSantis will allow the reopening of businesses on Monday May 4th with limited capacity. We will not be opening our doors to the public and will be operating business as we have since March 19th. We will continue to allow repairs to be dropped off at our front door while also conducting sales through limited interaction relying on digital means to effectively help you make an informed purchase. For current information please continue to check in here or visit our website. There you will be able to find out our current hours, up-to-date policies and purchase products. We are adding new products everyday so we hope you take the time to check us out at

We greatly anticipate the time when we can feel comfortable enough for our family to physically reopen our doors. However, we do have members of our family that are high risk so we wish to do everything possible to limit bringing the virus home. I'm sure you understand and can appreciate our choice to conduct business in the best possible manner that still provides you access to all of our goods and services we provide while doing what is best for our family.

Thank you and be safe.
John Stutchman


***COVID-19 Update 3/19/20***

I want to first thank you for visiting our site and looking at us for your vacuum and home care needs. 

During this time we have taken steps to do our part to help reduce the transmission of COVID-19.  We have reduced our physical store hours to limit contact while increasing the number of products we are shipping out daily.  We've modified the way we are bringing in repairs, taking payments and returning your vacuum to you to help reduce contact.  We are even offering free, local, delivery to your front porch on select models of new vacuum cleaners purchased during this time.  

Please note that our new hours will be in place until May 11th, but may be extended or reduced based on the current information available at that time.  Please contact us if you have any questions. You can click on the appropriate highlighted link to learn more details.

Be Safe.
John Stutchman  

***COVID-19 Updates***

Store Hours: 10am-4pm
OPEN: Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday
CLOSED: Friday - Saturday - Sunday - Monday

Vacuum Repairs 

We are still accepting vacuums for repair at this time, but you will not be allowed into our store.  We will have your vacuum a minimum of three days.  We are spraying each vacuum down with disinfectant and leaving them set for three days prior to repairs. 

DO NOT bring your vacuum in for repair if you are ill and/or showing any signs of the COVID-19 virus.  We will be more than happy to discuss new vacuums with you and do our best to find you the best product for a price you can afford during these financially tight times.

Because of recent events we may not be able to service or repair certain makes and models because of a shortage of parts. All vacuums bought in department stores are made overseas and many are manufactured by Chinese companies.  This is causing a shortage of parts with no clear timeline in addition to the current disruption in the supply chain for available parts.   

So we ask that you do the following:

  • Please call on minor issues so we may try and trouble shoot.
  • Please empty your vacuum or replace your used bag with a new, clean one prior to coming.
  • When visiting our location please have your cell phone.
  • Drop your vacuum off at our front door, return to your car and call us.
  • We will then bring your vacuum into our store, check your vacuum and do our best to provide you with an estimate while you are still in our parking lot after discussing the issue with you over the phone.
  • All customers will be given a maximum price of what the repair may run.  This 'max' authorizes us to do any repairs up to the maximum approved.  Any repairs necessary that will exceed the approved max price will be called prior to any additional work being conducted.
  • Please allow a minimum of three days for your repair.
  • Upon completion we will contact you and arrange for payment and pick-up.

Purchasing New Machines

We are still selling all of our great brands like Riccar, Miele, Lindhaus, Simplicity and Titan.  We know how important it is to make a sound purchasing decision now more than ever.  So we are doing everything we can to help you buy from the comfort of your home.  We've even demoed and answered questions for our shoppers on FaceTime and right here in our store through our large front window.  Please contact us and we will be more than happy to spend as much time as necessary to help you feel comfortable purchasing a new vacuum from us.

Drop Shipping

Rarely have we ever relied on our suppliers to drop ship products do to the delay it causes our customers.  Under these new conditions with supply chains being disrupted and our shortened receiving hours we are modifying our current policy on drop shipping.

We have partnered with all of manufacturers and distributors to provide you with the products you need in the quickest way possible while still providing you with the best prices we can offer.  We will notify you as quickly as possible if we have determined drop shipping you your purchase will reduce your wait time and/or contact with others.

Shipping Rates

Now through June we are reducing our minimum purchase on all orders down to $35 to receive free shipping.  We know that times are tough and we are doing our best to help you out while still being able to cover our costs.